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Uutisen oletuskuva
Early Autumn greetings from Nyyti!
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After a beautiful summer, it has been a pleasure to start work while the sun is still pampering us. Nyyti's summer was full of activity. During June and July, we organised e.g. a total of 13 chats, two of them were held in Swedish and two in English. Hopefully you came across Nyyti in the summer too, especially in Instagram.

The remote studies during the spring and the feelings they raised are still fresh in the minds of many. At the beginning of the school year, many learning institutions recommend that distance learning be continued in the autumn semester of 2020. In the summer, Sanni Lehtinen, the chairman of Nyyti ry, wrote a blog on the topic "The Unbearable Weight of Remote Studies". Check from Sanni's blog the five-point list of things that made her remote studies easier. Sanni states: "The list is filled with truisms or “no-brainers” because that’s where most of life’s most valuable treasures are hidden." She hopes that the things listed will in one way or another benefit you.

During the autumn, a wide range of issues related to the student's daily life will be dealt with in Nyyti's Chats, NyytiTalk and NyytiCast. Please, mark down the dates and topics and share them with your friends, colleagues, fellow students etc

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Below you can see all our upcoming chats.

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