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Nyyti ry declared a happy student, Homo studiensis, endangered on May Day, and launched a fundraising campaign to protect it.

The number of students in need of mental health care has risen alarmingly and services are congested. Now is the time to reverse the trend and work to strengthen the mental health of every student and prevent problems from getting worse.

We invite everyone to the Homo studiens conservation work and to make it possible to provide students with information, support - especially peer support - for the challenges of studying and coping.

“This affects us all, including businesses. Students will be the employers, superiors, co-workers, friends, mothers and fathers, decision-makers, members of society of the future, and now they need help. We have built many functional individual and group services, the continuity of which can be supported by donating according to your own abilities. It is important that the plight of students is made visible and that is why it is also worth sharing information and participating in the discussion, ”says Minna Savolainen, Executive Director of Nyyti ry.

Read more, participate in the discussion, share information and donate (information is in Finnish).

May in Nyyti

In this newsletter you will find information about Nyyti's activities during May. Nyyti's popular chats are also running during the month. In addition to groups for students, training in Finnish is also available for professionals.

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Nyyti´s Chat

In May what, we discuss matters related to finding one's own position in working life. Welcome to the chat for support and brainstorming! Come and chat with others.

Nyytis chats in English are held on Tuesdays from 6 to 8 pm. Participation in the chats is free of charge and anonymous. No prior registration required. Click on the chat name below to see a more detailed description of the chat. You will find Nyytis Chat, which is a group chat, and more information about upcoming chats on our website.


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Nyyti got new student mental health enablers - old employees are taking on new roles

Our diamond group has received new reinforcements during the spring. At the beginning of March, Tommi Yläkangas started working as Influencing Specialist. Tommi has previously worked as the Executive Director of Soveli ry.

Linda Lindström, who is familiar from Nyyti's various activities, most recently from the mielenTEKoja-project, started as Specialist, Volunteer activities and Activities in Swedish in the beginning of April.

At the beginning of April, Annina Lindberg, who had previously piloted the project Yhdessä yhteisöksi, started as Project Manager in the new Korkeakouluopiskelijoiden yksinäisyyttä vähentämässä -project, which is being carried out in collaboration with HelsinkiMission. Emmi Kyyhkynen started as Annina's working couple as Specialist. Emmi came to Nyyti from Maria Akatemia’s KeijunVarjo activity.

In April, when a new MiehenTila project was launched, became Atte Rimppi as Specialist. Atte is familiar from our Takaisin opintoihin project. Samuli Hietala started as Project Manager of the MiehenTila-project at the beginning of May. He came to Nyyti from the Väestöliiton PoikienPuhelin. Henri Heikintalo, who worked previously as an hourly employee in Nyyti, moved to the Takaisin opintoihin -project as a Project Coordinator.

At the beginning of May, Laura Heimonen, who led the Myötätuntoa korkeakouluihin -project, started as the Development Manager. Leena Tuuttila, on the other hand, moved from the position of Development Manager to be responsible for Nyyti's mentoring activities.

Contact information for all employees can be found on our Contact Information page.

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