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Summer is here. The trees and leaves are bright, lovely, green. The whole world is green. In summer, the scent of flowers intoxicates many of us heads. One can find peace in nature as one walks through the woods or by listening to the waves hitting the shores. For many, the effect of nature is therapeutic.

For some the arrival of summer means graduation and the transition to a new, unknown, and exciting stage of life. For others, summer means toiling with summer jobs and perhaps challenges to recover from studying. Some have had difficulties finding a summer job and studies continue over the summer. Continuing to study through the summer may also be your first choice. All these situations involve expectations towards your own finances or financial challenges. In June, we therefore talk about finances and work and their connections to mental health. We also pay attention to the municipal elections.

In June, our chat in English will be held on the 22nd with the headline “After graduation, is there a future?”.

In this month's NyytiTalk live expert discussion 3.6 starting at 3 pm, we will discuss how one can build and maintain faith in oneself when entering the labour market in uncertain times. The discussion is conducted in Finnish.

The June blogs deal with students' financial situation and consider how working life skills such as stress tolerance and adaptation can be developed already during their studies. We also share a story where a newly graduated generalist is both terrified and eager to jump into the great unknown after graduation.

We highlight academic expertise and compassion in the form of a vlog. To support your self-reflection, we also share articles about the transition to working life and about choosing the right field of study.

During the second half of the month, we shift the focus from working life to economy and share tips for better management of your own finances. At the end of the month, when the results of the joint application are published, we sympathize with both joy and disappointment.

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We wish you all a wonderful summer!

In addition to the events in June, you will find information about our new videos and Nyyti's goals in municipal election in this newsletter.

The articles in this newsletter are freely available for distribution and use.

By voting, you promote mental health - Municipal elections 2021

Municipalities make decisions that directly affect youth and students’ daily lives. We want to do our part in raising youth and students’ participation levels in voting by discussing themes that are important to them: mental health and communality!

Nyyti wants to remind and encourage candidates to think of concrete actions that could improve mental health and well-being on a municipal level.

Nyyti’s municipal election goals are threefold:

  1. Young people and students in need of help shall not be left to wait.
  2. Mental health skills should be reinforced through the whole educational path.
  3. We can make a difference in mental health – vote for a living environment that promotes mental health.

Support, Skills, and Inclusivity – Improved Mental Health and Well-Being!

Read all and learn more about Nyyti’s municipal election goals here.

Nyyti’s chats in June

  • Tue 22 June from 3 pm to 5 pm After graduation, is there a future?
    How to trust in the future after graduation? Will I find work in Finland or elsewhere? What options do I have? Welcome to the chat for support and brainstorming!

New videos

Our Takaisin opintoihin and Yhdessä yhteisöksi -projects have released new videos during May. Check out these great videos. You can share them further, use them for different purposes, and / or pick up tips for your own or students’ use.

Encountering students with special needs in higher education

This video offers means on how students or staff of universities and universities of applied sciences can learn to pay closer attention to students with special needs.

In the film we hear experiences and thoughts of:

  • Elina Kontu, professor Tampere University
  • Heikki Ojala, expert by experience, Autism Finland
  • Emma Heikkilä, student, University of Helsinki

This video is produced by Nyyti ry's Takaisin opintoihin -project.

Students' loneliness - effects and ways to make a difference

There are tens of thousands of students that are lonely in Finland. What does it matter and why is it important that we do something about this issue? Whose responsibility it is to tackle students' loneliness and in what ways?

This video is produced by Nyyti ry's Yhdessä yhteisöksi -project.

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