New competence network enhances the adoption of AI in the Ostrobothnian region

The AI2Business project at the University of Vaasa and Design Centre MUOVA is establishing an open competence network focused on AI in the Ostrobothnian region. This network brings together experts, researchers, business leaders, and developers to facilitate knowledge exchange and enhance the adoption of AI in local companies.

The competence network is free and open to all, including students with a keen interest in AI. It fosters collaborative learning to enhance participants' knowledge and skills.

– The competence network is designed to facilitate the sharing of insights into the practical application of AI, highlighting both the challenges and opportunities. Our objective is to foster collaborative network interactions around Artificial Intelligence" says Professor Marko Kohtamäki from University of Vaasa.

The competence network focuses on learning and discussion about AI.

– Our goal is to provide a platform for stakeholders to engage in discussions, share experiences, and explore AI in business, thereby fostering a community of continuous learning, Professor Kohtamäki continues.

The AI2Business project team has interviewed local companies and learned about their current AI initiatives and experiences.

– It is clear that there is a strong interest in AI. While some companies have already developed AI applications, others are in the earlier stages of their AI journey. Sharing these experiences can help motivate and guide companies looking to advance their own AI strategies, tells project manager Sanna Peltonen from the Design Centre MUOVA, Vaasa University of Applied Sciences.

Three practical AI application cases were identified from company interviews.

– These practical examples will be used also in training materials created for AI2Business online training program. The goal of this practical approach is to support the application of AI in business settings, says Associate Professor Jani Boutellier from University of Vaasa.

Interviews also revealed competency needs within companies. These themes will be addressed in the competence network meetings.

The competence network will host four open events. For more information about these events, anyone interested can join the AI2Business Competence Network mailing list.

Use the QR code to join the mailing list.

Further information

Professor Marko Kohtamäki, University of Vaasa, tel +358 29 449 8459,

Project manager Sanna Peltonen, Design Centre MUOVA, Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, tel +358 50 4083638,


AI2Business – Sustainable business from artificial intelligence

  • AI2Business is a project co-funded by the European Union (ESF+)
  • Project is implemented by University of Vaasa and Design Centre MUOVA (Vaasa University of Applied Sciences)
  • Duration of the project: 08/2023–12/2025
  • AI2Business website
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