More than 40 students join EUNICE intensive course on Global Studies

BIP in Santander
The EUNICE blended intensive programme takes place at the University of Cantabria, introducing the concept of global studies and different perspectives of the globalisation phenomenon to students from USA and universities from EUNICE alliance.

EUNICE’s blended intensive programme course on Introduction to Global Studies celebrated today its opening at the University of Cantabria, in Santander (Spain). More than 40 students from Europe and USA take part in this course. The Intensive Programme will introduce the concept of global studies and the way to analyse different disciplines from a global perspective, such as culture, health, environmental challenges or migrations.

The 2021 edition was an online programme due to the pandemic, but in this occasion, it is taking place in a hybrid setup. The face-to-face sessions will be hosted by the University of Cantabria until 15th July and coordinated by professor Adolfo Cosme Fernández.

EUNICE Students for the first time have the opportunity to participate in this intensive course in person, allowing them to fully interact with their fellows and develop their skills in multiple academic activities -analysis, debates, negotiation, …- and leisure ones too -they will visit Picos de Europa National Park, among other proposals-. Some of those travelling from other countries are staying with local families in order to enjoy an immersive experience in the Spanish culture.

The faculty team of this programme is integrated by Emmanuel Sukadia Sukadi from University of Mons (Belgium), Stefania Panebianco from the University of Catania (Italy), Jesús Á. González, María E. Maza y Félix Sangari from the University of Cantabria (Spain) –all of them, EUNICE partners–, and Charles Houck and Dale Smith from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (USA).

About Eunice

EUNICE, the European University for Customised Education is nurtured by seven universities’ intellectual and infrastructure input –Poznań University of Technology (Poland), Brandenburg University of Technology (Germany), University of Cantabria, University of Mons, University of Catania, Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France (France) and University of Vaasa (Finland)–.

This alliance, born from the European Universities initiative and funded by the European Commission, is building a solid network of interactions between educational institutions and other agents to work on social and economic challenges. Some of EUNICE´s actions are focused in offering joined degrees and training and skill development courses. Currently EUNICE has opened the applications period to join its online language courses offering that will start on September.

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