Member of Parliament Eeva Kalli is the University of Vaasa Alumni of the year – “Bettering the world better with a big heart”

kansanedustaja Eeva Kalli on Vaasan yliopiston Vuoden alumni
The Vaasa University Society has chosen Eeva Kalli as the University of Vaasa Alumni of the year. Kalli has utilized her two degrees, a Master's degree in Administrative Sciences and in Economics and Business Administration in a wide range of positions of social influence in Finland and abroad.

– Both degrees have been of concrete benefit to my career. I learned about organizational and administrative activity from the viewpoint of both public and private sectors. For the M.Sc. in Administrative Sciences I focused especially on EU administration, while my M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration had a leadership focus, says Eeva Kalli.

Kalli was elected a Member of Parliament from the Satakunta constituency in the spring of 2019. Prior to that she worked as Managing Director of Milton Networks, a communications agency. He work history also includes a role as the Commissioner's assistant, working as the Prime Minister's EU advisor and as a Director of communication and social relations in the energy sector.

In addition to know-how, Kalli appreciates the social capital accumulated during her studies.

– Social capital was also accumulated more or less by chance through the Student Union and other aspects of student life. University friends, common hobbies, parties, stunts and organizational activities have created a network and provided knowledge and skills that would have been impossible to obtain from the lecture room alone. It was worth putting on the overall every now and then.

Kalli started her studies at the University of Vaasa Faculty of Administrative Sciences in the autumn of 1999.

– I chose a degree programme focused on EU administration, because EU membership was still quite new at the time and it interested me. But soon I also really got into leadership and quickly realized that if I'm going to include all my passions in one and the same degree, it would grow out of proportion.

So Kalli decided to also apply to the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and to do another degree there.

– For a couple of years, I did studies in both degrees at the same time. Studying was a lot of work, but smooth and flexible. I graduated with a Ms.c. in Administrative Sciences in 2003 and finally finished my Ms.c. in Economics and Business Administration alongside working in 2008.

A strong penchant

Kalli says she highly values being chosen as the Alumni of the year.

– When I first entered through the doors of the University of Vaasa as a fresher I would not have believed I would get such a fine recognition 21 years later. I am happy to act as a kind of ambassador and advocate for the University of Vaasa. I have a strong penchant for Vaasa and the University of Vaasa.

Kalli remembers Vaasa as a nice, beautiful and lively city, where everything is at a suitable distance.

– My time as a student was fun, inspiring and active. During my freshman year I got excited about student politics, which for me was the famous Pandora’s box that led to many positions of trust and then working with politics and social influence. Many memories are related to the heartfelt bettering of the world that I would engage in with friends.

Kalli wants to encourage the students of today to also be active in extracurricular activities.

– Follow your passions, that is, spend time also on things that don't necessarily earn you credits, but that give energy and inspiration. She emphasizes that studies abroad also broaden your view and provide experiences of how to survive in a new environment.

According to Kalli, it's good to think big and aim high with your studies, but it is best to divide your goals into smaller steps.

The University of Vaasa is a great university which provides excellent tools for life. Whatever you aim, be lenient to yourself. Some days and weeks will be easier and some harder. Life, even student life, is not about performing, but about living.

Courage and innovation

The Alumni of the year was chosen by the Vaasa University Society, which promotes cooperation between the University of Vaasa and its surroundings in many different ways. The reason for the choice is that Eeva Kalli has acted in positions of influence in both in politics and in business. She has presented the University of Vaasa and studying at the university in a positive way.

– Eeva Kalli is an excellent example of what the University of Vaasa represents: strong expertise, courage and innovation, said the chairman of the Vaasa University Society Juha Silander at the opening of the academic year.

A former student of the University of Vaasa can be named as the alumni of the year, when he or she has used abilities gained at the university in his or her own activities, increased the interaction of the university with the rest of society and economic life, or served as an example to other alumni. Previous choices as alumni include Samuli Manninen, Anne Korkiakoski, Sari Essayah and Kari Leppilahti.

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Chairman of the Vaasa University Society Juha Silander
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