Library services during self-service hours

Uutisen oletuskuva

During spring, the library has extended self-service hours. We will test self-service all day on Saturdays, and on weekdays, there will be self-service during the last opening hour. You can check opening hours and service hours on our website.

What can I do during self-service hours?

During self-service hours, you can use the library facilities and equipment as usual. You can borrow and return with a self-service machine, also reservations. If you have forgotten your library card at home, you can use your mobile library card in your Finna account!

Through your Finna account, you can also:

- Pay overdue fees (log in -> fees)

- Change PIN, if you cannot remember it (log in -> change PIN). Remember to use the same e-mail address as in your Finna profile.

How can I contact the library?

You can get personal service during service hours (Mon-Thu 11-18, Fri 11-16). You can also contact the library by e-mail, phone, the online form or through chat. We will answer your question within 72 h on weekdays. Contact information:, 029 449 8258.

Video surveillance in the library

Note that there are recording security cameras in the library. If self-service borrowing is not possible, do not bring the material outside the library. Return it through the return machine.  According to the user rules, the customer is obliged to compensate for lost or damaged material. Identifying information and video surveillance photos can be handed over to the police, if necessary.

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