The introduction of Peppi is progressing with a new Study Guide and Lukkarikone

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The curricula and teaching schedules of the University of Vaasa for the academic year 2020-2021 have now been made for the first time in study and student administration system Peppi.
Vaasan yliopiston opiskelijoita - Students of University of Vaasa

Course descriptions and curriculum structures have been created in Peppi and can be viewed in the Study Guide, which is common for the whole University. Students can view teaching schedules also in the new Lukkarikone, where they can create their own study schedules.

Students will start to use Peppi instead of WebOodi in the end of 2021.

University of Vaasa Study Guide

The Study Guide includes the information entered into the Peppi-system about the curriculum and teaching timetables. The Study Guide is shared by all Schools of the University, and includes separate sections for communication and language studies, minor subjects and modules, Open University studies, doctoral studies and studies for exchange students. Up-to-date course descriptions can be found in the Study Guide instead of WebOodi. Please note that there may be changes to the fall 2020 teaching arrangements. Information on teaching arrangements will be updated in the Study Guide in the Course Units -section of the courses during August.

Study Guide:

Study Guide instructions for students

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University of Vaasa Lukkarikone

The Lukkarikone is a service that displays published teaching timetables. Most of the timetables will be published in August. Students can compile their own study timetable in the Lukkarikone. Not signed-in users are only able to view the teaching timetables. In order to create and modify your own timetables, you need to be signed-in to the Lukkarikone. Course and exam registration is done in WebOodi as usual.


Lukkarikone instructions for students

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