Influence the urban development and brand of the Vaasa of the future in the 72-hour transport challenge


What is the 72-hour transport challenge?
The aim of the 72-hour transport challenge is to find multidisciplinary, innovative and user-oriented solutions for the future Vaasa region from the perspective of carbon neutral transport, effortless daily life and businesses.

When is the competition?
The competition is organised in Vaasa on 26–29 October 2021, and its duration is 72 hours. This competition is aimed at the students of the University of Vaasa, VAMK and Novia. Credits are available for the participants. In addition to the schools, the competition is made possible by the City of Vaasa, the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, ABB Oy, Wasaline, the Ministry of the Environment and the Sustainable City programme that is being coordinated by it, and Ramboll Finland Oy. An excursion to Uumaja in the new Aurora Botnia ship is included in the competition!

The registration is now open!

Who can participate?
The competition is aimed at students of all subjects of the University of Vaasa, VAMK and Novia. The competition entries can be in Finnish, Swedish and English. Why participate? You can network, gain experience in project work, get study credits and can even win a trip to Copenhagen!

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