Graduate Schools granted several scholarships

Uutisen oletuskuva
The Graduate School of the University of Vaasa has granted several scholarships, donated by Evald and Hilda Nissi Foundation and Vaasa University Foundation as well as two-year doctoral student positions.
Tutkijakoulun apurahansaajat/Graduate School scholarships

Six scholarships (22 000 €) donated by the Evald and Hilda Nissi Foundation to Nelson Abila, Ismail Gölgeci, Yuqiuge Hao, Eija-Leena Kärkinen, Paula Makkonen and Salman Saleem.

Nissi Foundation gives grants for students engaging in commercial studies, post-graduate studies or research, and researchers, and to the promotion of commercial expertise in the Vaasa region.

Three scholarships (22 000 €) donated by Vaasa University Foundation to Sanna Heittola, Outi Lundahl and Mike Mekkanen. Vaasa University Foundation supports the development of the University of Vaasa as well as University’s scientific research and teaching.

Graduate school has also granted doctoral student positions to Helmi-Nelli Körkkö, Ethelbert Nwokorie, Kati Saarenpää, and Binod Timilsina. These two-year positions start at 1.8.2014.

Annually approximately 20 new doctors graduate in the fields of humanities, administrative sciences, business studies and technology.

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