Dissertation: Logistic decisions’ effects to the food supply chains’ sustainable performance

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The purpose of Hanne Ala-Harja’s constructive research is to estimate strategic logistic decisions effects to the supply chain sustainable performance. Also a model to support supply chain managers make more sustainable logistics decisions is presented.

Ala-Harja’s research introduces a model for estimating sustainable performance as a conclusion of the literature review. The model is applied in MS Excel based data sheets as a method in three empirical cases. All of the cases handle strategic logistic decisions effects to the supply chains sustainable performance. The first case handles the effect of the replacing disposable transportation crates with recyclable ones, the second case effect of the plant location decisions and the third case effect of the delivery frequency.


– The cost and carbon dioxide effect in two cases costs were parallel, but in one case costs decreased and emissions increased. The results depends the role of the transportation in the case supply chain, Ala-Harja tells.

The research brings a new method and results of the case studies to this issue. The results may encourage supply chain managers consider more sustainable issues when making logistic decisions.

Public defence

The public examination of Hanne Ala-Harja’s doctoral dissertation “Logistic decisions effects to the food supply chains sustainable performance – model and case studies” is on Tuesday 16 December at 12 o´clock in auditorium Kurtén (Tervahovi). Professor Girma Gebresenbet from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences will act as opponent and Professor Petri Helo as a custos.

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