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Lic.Sc. Jarkko Raitio’s dissertation examines the tension between company’s interest and shareholder´s principle of equality which may occur when a company arranges directed share issue, issues option rights and other special rights entitling to shares, or arranges directed acquisition. These different types are defined as a concept of directing of share. Field of the study is business law.
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Company’s shareholder has a certain right to his proportion.

– For example shareholder has a pre-emptive right in a share issue. This right is not absolute, but company may make a derogation of it. The derogation can be made if there is a weighty financial reason for the company to do so, explains Raitio.

The weighty financial reason may occur when company has a financial, partnership or incentive function for directing of share. Because directing of share may have strong influence on shareholder´s position in company that has to be taken in account when evaluating conditions of the directing.

– The research creates tools to evaluate the permissibility of directing of share, Raitio tells.

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