The day of well-being on 24.3.2021

Hyvinvointipäivä 24.3.2021 - Day of Well-Being 24.3.2021
The University of Vaasa and The Student Union of the University of Vaasa’s (VYY) day of well-being will be organized on the 24th of March.

During the day of well-being, there will be activities related to health and well-being for the staff and students of the University of Vaasa. Due to the current situation, the day of well-being will take place online, and you can participate in all the activities remotely.

The theme of the day of well-being is mental health and managing academic or work-related stress.

You can get into the day of well-being mood by downloading the break exercise program BEAK PRO! .

We will publish the event and the program in March, so be sure to follow VYY’s social media and the news at Students websites for the latest information about the day of well-being!

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