The coronavirus guidelines of the university are still valid

Vaasan yliopiston marmoriportti
​​​​​​​The police have had to suspend several parties that have violated gathering restrictions in Vaasa recently. The students who gathered to party in the student apartments in Palosaari and the city centre over the weekend have mainly been foreign exchange students at the University of Vaasa who only spend a short time in Finland.

The University of Vaasa works closely with the authorities and wants to ensure the safety of both students and staff in all its activities and to prevent the spread of the virus.

– We have regularly communicated to our students about coronavirus restrictions and guidelines in Finnish and in English. The majority of our students adhere to the restrictions well, and this is about the doings of a small group of people. To protect our entire university community, we hope that students will follow the safety guidelines during their free time as well, says Rector Jari Kuusisto.

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