Basic gym exercise course

Picture of a gym with equipment
The University of Vaasa sports services along with ÅA Sports and Wasa Sports Club are organizing a basic gym exercise course. The course is directed to all novices who are interested in weight training. No prior experience is necessary.

The course is conducted within the facility of Wasa Sports Club by their instructors. The duration of the course is 3 separate training sessions.

During the course we will go over basic lifts, equipment and machines at Wasa Sports club. You will learn safe techniques and will get well on your way to a efficient gym exercises. Each course day includes a brief information session in the beginning. From the course you will receive 3 different programs; lowerbody, upperbody and whole body.

The course days are Friday 7.10. 15:15 - 16:45, Wednesday 12.10. 15:15-16:45 and Friday 14.10. 15:15-16:45.

In order to participate you need to have purchased the 2022 fall sports sticker. You have to register for the course and registration is binding! There are limited spots so act quick! You register for the course through this link.

Welcome aboard!

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