Application for international Master's programmes has started

opiskelijoita Vaasan yliopistolla
Application for international Master's programmes of the University of Vaasa, which will start in autumn 2021, has started and it is open until 22 January. Six English-language Master's programmes are included in the call for applications.

In the field of business, applications are invited for the EFMD-accredited Finance, International Business and Strategic Business Development Master's programmes. In the field of technology, applications are invited for the ASIIN-accredited Systems Analytics and Industrial Management Master's programmes, the first of which leads to a Master of Science degree and the latter, to a Master's degree in Business Administration. Additionally, in the field of technology, applications are invited for a Smart Energy Master's programme leading to a Master of Science degree.

– The programmes have again increased in popularity after the temporary drop caused by the introduction of annual tuition fee. The numbers of both Finnish and international applicants have increased greatly. Last year, the number of applicants for international Master's programmes increased by 36 per cent compared to the previous year, says Specialist Katariina Kempus from the University of Vaasa's application services.

Finnish universities are charging annual tuition fees from new degree students coming outside the EU and the EEA countries. In the University of Vaasa, the tuition fee varies from 10,000 to 12,000 euros. Grants are available in the programmes for academically successful students who are liable to pay the fees.

In the international Master's programmes, there are 145 study places available. The degree programmes select the best students based on an applicable bachelor’s degree, language skills and motivation.

Applications for the Master's programmes are submitted via the Opintopolku service. Application instructions and selection criteria can be viewed online at

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