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High-quality jobs in Vaasa region – our alumnus Manmeet´s top tip to get one

The master’s programme in industrial management at the University of Vaasa offered Manmeet Singh exactly the courses he was looking for. The high quality of education and the possibility of getting a high-paying job and staying and living here after studies also affected his decision to choose Finland and Vaasa.

Manmeet started to look for a suitable master’s degree because he had identified a gap in a process in his work and – in the spirit of Kaizen – wanted to develop a solution to it. He had already studied mechanical engineering in India and business management in New Zealand.

To develop his idea into a solution, Manmeet knew that he needed support from academics. He got the idea to look into Finnish universities for further studies as he got a tip from a friend who was already studying at the University of Vaasa in another programme.

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of our alumni work for companies with more than 250 employees (graduates of 2016)
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of our alumni have a business of their own five years after graduation (graduates of 2016)

– All in all, University of Vaasa graduates feel that employers think highly of their degrees. Over 90% of our graduates were also satisfied with their career and degree and would recommend their education to others too, Sunna continues.

These are the results from the survey for those who graduated in 2016 and their opinions five years after their graduation.

– A new survey for graduates of 2017 is open as we speak. Every response is important, no matter the career path so far. The more information we get from our alumni, the better we can develop our education in the future, says Sunna.

Job-seeking in Finland – a follow-up call can help you stand out

Manmeet’s top tip for other international students, who want to stay and work in Vaasa or Finland, is to be aware of the Finnish way of job-seeking.

– I learnt that here it is customary to call the recruiters before applying for a job – and even during the interview process. It is a good idea because you get to know a lot of people in the process and they can help you in your job hunt.

Manmeet sitting at his desk in the Citec office

Manmeet himself started to call for feedback on his applications and interviews after being among the top applicants but only coming close to being hired several times. He learnt that there had been nothing wrong with his application or interview and that he was indeed a good candidate.

This way, Manmeet was able to get a recommendation from one of the hiring managers that came close to hiring him, and after that, he successfully landed a job at Citec. He now works there with what he has always loved to do: quality management.

– I believe in Kaizen, which means continuous improvement. I appreciate the opportunity to learn from others and also share knowledge at the same time.

In his free time, Manmeet likes to play badminton and pool, and he likes to compete in local open tournaments. When asked where he sees himself five years from now, Manmeet thinks he will definitely still be in Vaasa.

– Although I never saw Finland – or even Europe – as an option, it just happened, he laughs.

Now, Manmeet is looking into MBAs and has some business ideas he may promote in the future. He would like to become a director or a business owner – and maybe do a doctoral thesis too!

Manmeet being filmed for our Youtube video of international students
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