Job opportunity for students in collaboration with Devatus

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Have you ever wondered how it would be to create your own product and bring it to the market? Have you ever thought that it would be super interesting to figure out if a specific product is of interest to customers, how to sell and market it, and how to introduce it to the market? Are you looking for a unique learning experience that gives you the opportunity to try these things in a safe but real environment? This is your chance!

Our Innovations & Ecosystems team has partnered up with Devatus to give three of our students this unique experience!

Devatus enables digital transformation for leading global companies. They are a full-service partner, whose expertise is based on years of experience and on the personal enthusiasm and creativity of their employees.  They work with high quality mobile and web development, data analytics, IoT and cloud services. And they have developed a new solution DPC – Devatus Partner Cloud (working title 😉).

The DPC solution is designed to help organizations and R&D teams to connect and manage the digital and physical worlds. DPC provides a remotely and continuously accessible cloud platform for testing solutions against multiple hardware variants. Unleash new potential by managing hardware variability and customizations, shaping requirements that drives testing and development of digital solutions.

You didn’t understand all of that? Doesn’t matter! Because we are not looking for software developers or somebody with high technical knowledge. Instead, we are looking for everyone who has a passion of creating value for customers and ensuring that solutions fulfill real customer needs.

Accordingly, together with Devatus, we are looking for three students that can support Devatus and their team with aspects of customer research, marketing & communication, and business development.

So, what will the journey look like for you if you are selected? You will work closely together with Devatus and our Innovation & Ecosystems team to build an understanding of the customers and their needs, build value propositions for the solution, test these with real customers, develop them into clear marketing messages and develop the go-to-market strategy for the solution.

So, who exactly are you looking for? We are looking for three students with different backgrounds. The following table briefly describes the three different roles in the team.

Business Development

Marketing & Communication

Customer Research & Analyst

  • Develop a go-to-market strategy
  • Develop and evaluate different business models
  • Develop the commercial side of the product
  • Create a clear and coherent value proposition and marketing message
  • Ensure a visual identity
  • Translate complex technical descriptions into easily understandable messages
  • Plan and execute different phases of customer involvement and interviews
  • Develop quantitative and qualitative methods to collect relevant data for the project
  • Build deep understanding of the customers and their needs
  • Analyse qualitative data collected by customer research and pilots

How do I apply? You can apply by email to our Innovations & Ecosystems team ( until latest 30.4.. Please include which of the three positions you would be interested in and a motivation why you would be interested in the position, and why you believe you are the perfect candidate. We will have a short interview with the best candidates together with representatives from Devatus and the final choice will be with them!

What is in it for me? Besides the learning experience of a lifetime? You will receive 1-5 credit points from the University of Vaasa in accordance with your studies (if your program includes a training or internship course). Additionally, Devatus has promised to renumerate the team with 2000-3000€ depending on the results of the project. So, that means 700-1000€ per team member. And who knows, if you make a lasting impressing, maybe you will continue after the project?

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