University of Vaasa instructions for students concerning studies in autumn 2020

Uutisen oletuskuva
The campus is an important place for all of us to meet and study. Our wish is to be able to operate on the campus taking into account safety constraints. The best way to prevent the pandemic from spreading is to act responsibly.

These instructions are valid until further notice and will be updated according the situation.

Welcome to safe studies on the Campus!

  • The campus will open for students on 17.8.
  • You can study on campus taking into account the general epidemic situation as well as safety and space constraints.
  • In autumn 2020 all events organized by the University will be subject to limitations concerning the number of persons/room.
  • It is important to take care of hand hygiene and maintain safe distances both in the classroom and when spending time and moving around on the campus.
  • Face mask has to be used on campus in situations where it is not possible to keep the safety distances. We encourage everyone to use their own face masks, but if you are on the campus and do not have a mask with you, you can get a disposable one from the janitors in Tervahovi, Fabriikki and Tritonia buildings. There will be disinfectant and disposable protective gloves available on the campus.
  • It is recommended to avoid public transport and instead cycle or walk if possible.
  • If you have respiratory symptoms, stay at home and contact health care. You are allowed to come to the campus only if you are healthy.


  • Mass lectures for first year students and classes of more than 5o students will be replaced by online lectures and teaching in smaller groups. Thus, group working on the campus will be made possible for smaller groups that can use different lecture rooms and be at the campus during different time slots. Limitations on the number of persons allowed in a given space and the requirement of two-meter safety distance affect the lecture arrangements.
  • Courses for new master degree students, students of previous classes and doctoral students will be organized mainly online during this autumn.
  • Laboratory assignments and exercises, which require certain equipment/software/ licenses, can be organized on the campus within the safety space limitations, and possibly in different time slots
  • Exam-room will be opened on 17 August. Half of the seats will be in use and safety distances will be applied. The situation is monitored on a daily basis and the instructions will be updated according to the pandemic situation.
  • Personal study plans for new master degree students will be compiled online. The students will receive study guidance and support in starting their studies.
  • In-class studies are organized in smaller groups if needed.
  • We encourage all new students to follow the information on webpages directed to new students
  • Study handbook can be found in the Student’s Tools
  • Course schedules
  • Course registration starts on 26.8. - more information on Weboodi
  • An online course is completed in its entirety by online. Centralized exams will not be arranged, but are replaced by other methods.
  • Maturity test can be taken in EXAM or by a special arrangement that will be updated later.
  • Library services and self-study/group-study rooms are available for studies as limitations allow.
  • International degree and exchange students can come to Vaasa if possible within the existing travelling restrictions
  • Students arriving to Finland will have to stay in quarantine-like conditions for 14 days after arrival.
  • During the autumn, outgoing student exchange and international internships continue within the restrictions given by the authorities.  For more detailed information please contact the Mobility Services.

Reserve enough time for your studies and learning. Support for online studies can be found at:

Study counseling

  • Contact information for study counseling is found here: /en/for/student/guidance/
  • Study counseling will mainly be given online (Zoom, Teams). An appointment for study counseling can be made electronically in Moodle. In special situations, an appointment can be booked for study counseling on campus taking into account the safety regulations.
  • For new students there will be enhanced support for starting the studies (study circles etc.). More information about this will be available in Moodle.
  • Also teachers give mainly online supervision.
  • Remember that the services of the Study Psychologist are available for all students.
  • If you have any questions that you do not find answers from your teachers/programme coordinators, course info or on web, you can send mail to The mails are checked and replied to between 8.00 and 16.00 o’clock.

Restaurants and Library

  • Campus restaurants will open in stages: Alere will open already during August. Mathilda, Café Oskar and Alma will be opened 31.8. with limited hours and menu. Possibility to buy take away will continue. The University and Juvenes will continue giving information during the autumn.
  • There will be several slots for taking lunch. It is recommended to utilize the quieter time slots that are between  10.30 – 11.00 and 13.30 – 14.00.
  • For information about library services, please follow Tritonia's web pages


For more information please check regularly your e-mail, Moodle, timetable app Lukkari, Weboodi and the webpage on corona information.

The general recommendations regarding the COVID-19 prevention and instructions for safety and health still apply; you can find more information in English from e.g. the webpages of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, and the Finnish Government.

Enjoy safe studies!


Additional information:

- Mobility Services, Head of Mobility Services Juhani Moisio, tel +358 29 449 8315
- Education Services (Tervahovi), Vice-director Nina Nässlin +358 29 449 8163
- Education Services (Fabriikki), Vice-director Helena Varmajoki, tel +358 29 449 8174
- HR Director of the University of Vaasa, Elina Kaunismäki, +358 29 449 8072

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