Reminder: Big Heart Award - nominations open until 8.2.2021

Vaasan yliopiston sydän kädessä
The Big Heart award is an equality award given by the University of Vaasa.

The Big Heart award may be given to a person or a group that has promoted equality in the university community, for example:

  • in everyday situations such as teaching, student organization activities and leisure time events
  • by taking others into consideration in coffee break conversations and, for example by choosing the subject and language in such a way that everyone can join the conversation.

Any member of the university community may nominate a member of the university community or a person or group from outside the community whose activities are closely tied to the University of Vaasa as recipient of the award.

The nomination must include:

  • the name of the person submitting the nomination
  • the name of the person or group being nominated
  • a detailed justification as to why the nominated person or group deserves the Big Heart award.

Nominations for the award may be submitted before February 8 2021 to the Equality work group via webropol-form.

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