Registration for academic year starts on 1.6.

Uutisen oletuskuva

Annual registration for academic year 2020-2021 starts on 1.6.2020 and ends on 15.9.2020. You can register for the spring semester at the latest on 31.1.2021. Registration is mandatory for all undergraduate as well as port-graduate degree students.

You can register for the academic year in WebOodi: Go to Tools -> Registration for terms. You will be directed to Oili registration service. In Oili you can register as attending or non-attending student and pay the Student Union fee. Registration will be automatically transferred to WebOodi.

You must register as being attending for the academic year before you can register yourself to any course or exam!

If you have any problems with registering for the academic year, please contact Education Systems Services, edusys(at)

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