A possible coronavirus exposure in a tutoring project

Vaasan yliopisto
The University of Vaasa has received a notification from the Student Union of the University of Vaasa (VYY) regarding a possible coronavirus exposure on Tuesday, 1 September, in a student union tutoring project.

As a precaution, the University will switch from contact teaching to distance learning in all teaching, close reading rooms, switch to takeaway catering in restaurants and restrict movement at the University from 9 September to 22 September 2020. It is still possible to borrow books from the library. The University personnel can work on the campus according to previous guidelines.

The University of Vaasa cooperates with the authorities regarding the investigation of possible chains of infection or any other measures.

- With safety first, we will keep the campus running smoothly as much as possible. We are immediately ready to react in the necessary way when the authorities require it, says Rector Jari Kuusisto.

Further information:

Rector Jari Kuusisto
tel. 029 449 8291

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