Jari Kuusisto named Vice Rector of the University of Vaasa

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The University of Vaasa's position among the leading scientific higher education institutions will be further strengthened by the nomination of a new Vice Rector with responsibility for research.

Jari Kuusisto, PhD (53) is currently working as Director of the research group of SC-Research at the University of Vaasa. The position of Vice Rector is a new one and the work will involve developing the University's research and researcher education. The Vice Rector will act as deputy to the Rector and represent the University of Vaasa in research and education networks.

Johnny Åkerholm, Chairman of the Board of the University of Vaasa, says that the University has gained a development-minded individual with strong experience of operating in international networks and leading academic research communities.

"Knowledge that leads to new innovations is born when the research interests of universities and companies come together. Kuusisto's background in research into innovation policy will therefore provide an excellent foundation for the development of the University of Vaasa's research faculties," says Åkerholm.

"The quality of research and RDI activities are constantly gaining in importance as success factors for universities. By investing in the development of research and researcher education, we are strengthening the University of Vaasa's position as an international university of science with high scientific standards," says the University's Rector, Suvi Ronkainen.

Jari Kuusisto has long worked in international positions and he also has strong links in terms of regional and national research cooperation. Kuusisto received his doctorate from Kingston University in the UK with a thesis in Entrepreneurship and Industrial Sociology in the industrial management faculty. He has also worked with Visiting Scholar status at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the USA. He is currently working as Director of the SC-Research group in industrial management at the University of Vaasa.

"The University of Vaasa is already producing research of a very high international standard. It is exciting to have the opportunity to continue the development of this community of experts," says Jari Kuusisto.

"It is my duty to ensure that all of the skills of the University of Vaasa's experts are put to use and that top quality guides everything that we do. I believe that my international networks and experience in leading and developing multidisciplinary, diversely financed research activity will help to bring the research activities of the University of Vaasa to the next level.

The Vice Rector has a fixed-length term, which will end on 31 December 2019.

Jari Kuusisto.

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