Dissertation: Building a Production Concept for experiential Food Service Event

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Tuija Pitkäkoski's thesis in marketing “Building a Production Concept for experiential Food Service Event – Theming, processing and holistic impression as challenge in marketing management” reveals that most relevant in producing and managing experiential food service event is the management over the whole service system.
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At the restaurant field the business idea life cycles have shortened and there is a demand after continuous profile lift. The challenge for companies is to produce more and more interesting and distinguishable services which contain uniqueness and which are memorable.

According to Pitkäkoski, the aim of her research is to make the planning and challenges in management of experiential food services understandable in the restaurant field.

Research frame has been built out of three extensive sets of experiments as action research system and multiple case analysis complementary to each other.

Pitkäkoski says that it has been possible to reveal the most critical factors in planning, implementing and managing experiential food services by changing and increasing certain elements in each cycle.

As critical challenges for practical management her research revealed specially the customer encounter management, successful timing and the meaning of active information.

The choice of emotional theme is central and it depends on the theme how well the unique story can be communicated to customers and how easy that experience will stay memorable in mind.

In addition as a meaningful element in the successful implementing of experiential food service came up the development of well-balanced event where all service elements are in good harmony.

Pitkäkoski found that the development of experiential food services is possible even in ordinary restaurants according to certain requirements.

Based on collected experiences and research data her research produces a model for management over the whole service system in experiential food services.

According to the model the scale, form and emotional theme set the most critical conditions to the management and the most crucial management areas are control over details, uniqueness and interaction. All factors mentioned above determine the success of the control over the whole service system and have effect on the desirable atmosphere and customer experience.

Public Defence

The public examination of Lic.Sc. Tuija Pitkäkoski’s doctoral dissertation “Elämysperusteisen ruokapalvelutapahtuman tuottamisen konseptointi. Teemallisuus, prosessimaisuus ja kokonaisvaikutelma markkinoinnin johtamisen haasteena” will be held on Friday 28 August at 14 o´clock in auditorium 2 (Frami B, Seinäjoki).

Professor Peter Björk (Svenska Handelshögskolan) will act as opponent and professor Harri Luomala as custos. The examination will be held in Finnish.

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