Almost 70 applied as a doctoral student

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There are two application periods for doctoral studies at the university annually. The students apply for admission to the doctoral programmes, and the primary study right is given for a doctorate degree. This spring 67 applications altogether were received. 28 applications came from abroad.

The Graduate School operates four Doctoral programmes: Administrative Sciences, Languages and Communication, Business Studies and Technical Sciences. The university's Graduate School offers methodologies and guidance to support the doctoral programmes.

Decisions of the new doctoral student positions are made at the mid-June. Doctoral student positions may be given to nearly half of the applicants.

Annually approximately 20 new doctors graduate in the fields of humanities, administrative sciences, business studies and technology.

The goal of the Graduate School is to ensure all doctoral students at the University of Vaasa have the opportunity to pursue a high quality doctoral programme. At the same time the Graduate School supports the planning of doctoral studies, research work and the progression of doctoral studies.

Brochure of the Graduate School

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