Updated 29.1.2024 | 18:01

XLIV International VAKKI Symposium: Diversity in Communication

Thu 8.2.2024 | 12:00 - Fri 9.2.2024 | 15:30


VAKKI Communication Research Association is arranging its 44th International VAKKI Symposium at the learning center Alere on February 8–9, 2024.

The theme of the symposium is Diversity in Communication. Contemporary communication and media environment is characterised by a diversity of audiences, identities, values and meanings. Communication both expresses and organises diversity and its potential for equality: What can and should be represented and how? Who has access to information and services? Whose voices are heard and how can they be brought into dialogue?

The symposium program includes research presentations which discuss diversity from the perspectives of organizational and expert communication, media and journalism, as well as translation and interaction. In addition, the symposium features workshops which delve into questions around cognitive accessibility and communicative AIs.

The symposium’s keynote speakers are Professor Christiane Maaß (University of Hildesheim, Germany) and Assistant Professor Ellen Nathues (University of Twente, the Netherlands).

Nathues’s keynote titled “Differences in Dialogue: The Many Voices We Can Encounter in Communication” takes place on Thursday, February 8 at 12 pm, and Maaß’s keynote titled “Hi ChatGPT, translate this text into Easy Language. Is the new Easy Language translator a machine?” on Friday, February 9 at 12 pm. The keynotes take place in the Florence auditorium at Alere (Wolffintie 31) and are open to everyone.

More information: https://sites.uwasa.fi/vakki/en/symposium-2024/