Updated 8.8.2022 | 15:08

WAS/AI futures workshop: Vaasa region in the era of artificial intelligence / Wasa Future Festival

Fri 12.8.2022 | 10:00 - 12:00

Wasa Innovation Center (Right Wing WIC 2. krs)
Gerbyntie 18

We are about to enter the era of AI: we apply and develop increasingly self-learning technology, advanced
robots, and digital platform in the activities of public, private, and education organizations, and in the
everyday life of citizens. Era of AI means new kinds of possibilities and limitations for regional development
and local actors. For example, technologies that enable working and presence at a distance, create new
practices of multi-local life. Robots will move increasingly among us in the everyday spaces. Knowledge will
be collected, analyzed, and applied, and decisions made together with self-learning AI. The process of AI
might be challenging to understand without sufficient education. Finnish knowledge society and the region
of Vaasa meet new kinds of challenges and possibilities!

  • Please register by email: johanna.hautala@uwasa.fi
What futures workshop?

Futures workshop is based on discussion in small group that is guided by the scholars of regional studies of
the University of Vaasa. The workshop is part of WAS/AI meetings -series organized by regional studies,
Innolab, and Digital Economy research platforms of the University of Vaasa.


Create a picture of central possibilities, limitations, and directions for the development of Vaasa region in
the era of AI.

For whom?

Citizens and actors (public, private, and educational organizations) of Vaasa region, who are interested of
the era of AI, and regional development.

Who are we?

Scholars of regional studies of the University of Vaasa:
• Johanna Hautala, Associate Professor in regional development and innovation policy,
• Hanna Heino, Postdoctoral researcher
• Thomas Behrndt, PhD researcher
Workshop is realized in collaboration with the project Second Machine Age Knowledge Co-Creation
Processes in Space and Time funded by the Academy of Finland