Tervahovi-building, Säästöpankki-room D102

Speaker: Dr Torgeir Watne

About the speaker

Torgeir is a researcher in consumer behaviour and marketing at Victoria University, Melbourne. He has published several academic articles in international journals. One of his latest publications was related to the branding of craft breweries. He has followed and researched the craft beer trend in Australia and internationally for many years. He is also a passionate home-brewer.

About the talk

In his talk, Torgeir will give an introduction to the craft beer scene in Australia. This includes an overview of the industry, the history as well as forecasts for the future. He will also touch on the different ways Australian craft breweries are operating their businesses, including what is needed to run a profitable craft brewery.  How to deal with government regulations, is another important aspect of this.

Following the introduction to beer in Australia and the business models of craft breweries, Torgeir will focus on the marketing side of craft beer. Often, small businesses have very limited budgets when it comes to marketing, so it is very important to ‘get it right’. The focus here is not on covering large-scale advertising approaches, but more the aspects of marketing that are ‘free’. Torgeir will focus on the key elements in a strong craft beer brand, as well as how to effectively use social media for marketing purposes.

The event will be held in English. It is open to everyone with free entry. Welcome!