Updated 9.12.2021 | 14:12

Dissertation: Eveliina Salmela (Communication Sciences)

Fri 10.12.2021 | 12:00 - 15:00

Nissi auditorioum, Tritonia & online

The public examination of MA Eveliina Salmela’s doctoral dissertation ”Ajattelin kysyä palstan asiantuntijoilta ennen kääntymistä lipevien myyntimiesten puoleen.” : Erikoisalaan liittyvien neuvojen ja tiedon pyytäminen verkkoyhteisöissä” will be held on Friday 10.12.2021 at 12 at the University of Vaasa, auditorium Nissi. According to the Covid-19 restrictions in the municipalities of the Vaasa Hospital District (Nov 27-Dec 19, 2021), a maximum of one hundred people can participate in the public examination.

Participation for the event is also possible online: https://uwasa.zoom.us/j/67838094483?pwd=NDBXMGJpMnRyUmpldGZtUzIranpjQT09
Password: 321047

Associate Professor, Docent Sanna-Kaisa Tanskanen (University of Helsinki) will act as an opponent and Professor Merja Koskela as custos. The defence will be held in Finnish.

The public display ("nailing") will be held on Tuesday 30.11.2021 at 12.00 (Tervahovi). After that the dissertation is available online in Osuva publications archive: http://urn.fi/URN:ISBN:978-952-476-985-3

At all public events held indoors at the university, such as public examinations of doctoral dissertations, a COVID-19 passport is required of outside participants over the age of 16. This does not apply to our staff. Read further instructions on the university's website.