Päivitetty 11.5.2021 | 21:05

EnergyVaasa talks: Gaseous fuels as a booster of energy transition – reality or a distant dream?

Ke 26.5.2021 | 12:00 - 14:45


On May 26 at 12:00-14:45 EET
By VEBIC, University of Vaasa

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What kind of roles do gaseous fuels have in the energy transition? Are they enablers of future sustainable energy systems? Is the development fast enough to tackle climate change? Is hydrogen able to meet the expectations as a revolutionary solution?

In the webinar, international top-level professionals from academia and industry gather to discuss the most burning issues related to the role of gas as enabler of the clean energy transition. The webinar provides insightful presentations and interesting panel discussions. Moreover, the audience can meet and discuss with the experts in the interactive discussion rooms right after the webinar.

The webinar (12:00-13:30 EET) consists of the presentations and panel discussion.

Programme agenda on the EnergyVaasa website