Updated 4.12.2023 | 10:12

Tomorrow's Legal Landscape: Proactive Law, Sustainability, and the Power of AI

Mon 11.12.2023 | 12:15 - 14:00

F651 (Fabriikki) and Zoom

The seminar is part of the Digital Economy seminar series and is organised in cooperation with the School of Acconting and Finance (Business Law) and the Digital Economy platform. The keynote speech will be given by Professor Robert C. Bird from the University of Connecticut. His presentation is entitled "Finding Keys in the Dark: Toward a Sustainable Future of Law and Strategy". Assistant Professor (Business Law) Marika Salo-Lahti and Associate Professor / Professor of Practice / Contract Innovator Helena Haapio will speak on "Reshaping Tomorrow: Proactive Law, Sustainability, and AI".

Paikka: F651 (Fabriikki) and Zoom:
Password: 587709