Updated 4.3.2024 | 11:03

The Research Exhibition of Energy and After Work (EnergyWeek)

Wed 13.3.2024 | 16:30 - 19:00

Vaasa Art Hall

What is the latest in energy related academic research in the Vaasa region? Find out at the Research Exhibition of Energy!

University of Vaasa cooperates with companies, communities and other universities as well as research institutions. The forms of research cooperation can be, for example, commonly funded research projects or research which has been commissioned. Research cooperation in the university is done in the academic schools, the research platforms, the research groups, the affiliated institutions as well as by individual researchers.

The event consists of researchers disseminating their work and a small after work with some snacks and drinks.

Two awards will also be announced: the University of Vaasa Science Communication Award and the University of Vaasa Innovation Award.

The exhibition is part of EnergyWeek and free for visitors. It is brought to you by the research platforms of University of Vaasa; Digital Economy, VEBIC and InnoLab. Welcome!

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