Updated 4.5.2021 | 13:05

Nyyti´s chat: Feeling lonely in your studies?

Tue 11.5.2021 | 15:00 - 17:00


Do you feel lonely in your studies? Like you don’t have friends to ask for help in your studies, or a group where you can be yourself? Perhaps you feel like an outsider – does anybody notice me; do I matter? Or maybe things are fine on the surface, but you still feel lonely from time to time. The pandemic may also have affected your connections to other people.

In this group chat, you’ll be able to talk with other students who share similar experiences of loneliness. We’ll explore ways to deal with feelings of loneliness, to connect with others and to support one’s well-being.

By participating in the chat Feeling lonely in your studies? and sharing your thoughts you can also help others who are feeling lonely.