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NOMAD research seminar on user-driven innovation

Thu 14.11.2013 | 09:15 - 13:00

Programme of NOMAD-research seminar

Date: Thursday 14.11.2013 at 09.15 – 13.00
Place: University of Vaasa, Nissi-auditorium

09.15 Overview of ’User-driven Service Innovation and Co-creation Management’ (NOMAD)-research project, Juha Vänskä, University of Vaasa/SC-Research

09.30 ’User-driven competence centres and business-led research networks’,
Fidipro Professor Martin Meyer, University of Vaasa/SC-Research, University of Kent/Kent Business School (UK)

10.30 ’Users and business model innovation - placing users at the centre of new organisational forms’,
FidiPro Fellow Stephen Flowers, University of Vaasa/SC-Research, University of Brighton/CENTRIM (UK)

11.30 Break

11.45 ’IP-based business models’, Dr. Juha Arrasvuori, University of Vaasa/SC-Research

12.15 ’The emergence of user-centric business models’, Dr. Liting Liang, University of Vaasa/SC-Research

12.45 Discussion

13.00 Closing of the seminar


Programme (pdf)