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Guest lecture: professor George Siedel: Negotiation: psychological tools and traps

Mon 3.10.2016 | 10:00 - 12:00

Professor George Siedel, University of Michigan, gives a guest lecture on "Negotiation: Psychological Tools and Traps".

Monday, October 3, at 10-12 Auditorium Nissi, Tritonia Building, University of Vaasa.

Siedel is a world-famous professor from the Ross Business School at the University of Michigan. His field of expertise is Negotiation and Dispute Resolution.

He has served on several boards of directors and as an associate dean of the University of Michigan Business School. In the past he has been a visiting professor at Stanford and Harvard Universities. Professor Siedel's research addresses legal issues that relate to international business law, negotiation and dispute resolution.

The guest lecture is organized by the department of Business Law.