Updated 4.2.2021 | 22:02

Final Seminar of EDGE project - Increased machine performance using EDGE computing

Tue 9.2.2021 | 09:30 - 12:00

Online seminar, Teams

The project EDGE – Edge Analytics for Smart Diagnostics in Digital Machinery Concept – has performed research on how the performance of machines and industrial installation can be increased using edge computing. The results of the Edge project will be presented in a public seminar, Tuesday February 9, 2021 at 9:30–12:00. The seminar is given in English.

Registrations: https://abacus.abo.fi/edge

The following organizations have been contributing to the two-year long EDGE project: Wärtsilä, Wapice, Solita, Silo.AI, Top Data Science, Ponsse,  Fingrid, Meluta, KNL Networks, Epec, and the research organizations Tampere University, Åbo Akademi University, and the University of Vaasa. The project has been financed by Business Finland.

Seminar Programme

9:30 Opening of seminar (Prof. Kalevi Huhtala, TAU) Introduction to EDGE project (Petteri Multanen, TAU)

9:45 Company vision on Edge computing – company roadmaps

• Wärtsilä, Wapice, Silo AI, Epec, Sandvik
• Roundtable discussion

10:30 Demonstrator presentations

• Bringing work machine operations and operator profiling to the Edge (Jonathan Shabulinzenze, TAU)
• Leakage detection in engine room by IR camera using machine learning technologies (Lauri Nyystilä, University of Vaasa)
• Application of machine learning models for substation switching device condition monitoring using acoustic signals (Jonathan Shabulinzenze, TAU)
• Edge system architecture on M/S Wasa Express (Andreas Lundell and Andrei Morariu, ÅAU)
• Identifying service needs of harbour crane based on frequency converter parameters (Markku Salmela, Meluta Oy)

11:30 Round table discussion (Jerker Björkqvist, ÅAU)

• What did we learn? Hardware, software, architecture, algorithms, ML, classification of data, quality of data, amount of data Did company roadmaps change?

12:00 Closing the seminar