Updated 21.11.2022 | 09:11

EUNICE Weeks open lecture: New space economy and EU, Heidi Kuusniemi

Tue 22.11.2022 | 17:00 - 18:00


As a part of EUNICE Weeks, professor Heidi Kuusniemi will keep a talk about "New space economy and EU". You can follow the talk through Zoom. Welcome!

"The global, rapidly growing space economy, covers the utilisation of diverse technologies in a multitude of vertical markets, applications and societally critical services. The European Union’s space policy actively contributes to fighting climate change, stimulates technological advances and innovation, and provides socio-economic benefits to citizens. Finland has embraced space, starting with innovative university missions, and now its space sector has progressed to the second-fastest-growing in Europe as measured by investment/capita. Success in the space sector can be achieved only in the presence of open and active dialogue and collaboration between the commercial sector, policymakers and academia, and in wide international collaboration. This talk addresses the new space economy in the EU – its current state and the new opportunities for collaboration and growth."

More information on the EUNICE website.