Updated 18.3.2021 | 22:03

Dissertation: Rasheed Alabi (Telecommunications Engineering)

Thu 15.4.2021 | 12:00 - 15:00

Online defence, University of Vaasa

The public examination of M.Sc. Rasheed Alabi’s doctoral dissertation "Machine learning for personalized prognostication of tongue cancerwill be held on Thursday 15 April 2021 at noon.

The event will be organised online: https://uwasa.zoom.us/j/8515167887

Prof. Simo Saarakkala (University of Oulu) will act as an opponent and Professor Mohammed Elmusrati as custos.

The dissertation is available online in Osuva publications archive starting 31 March 2021: http://urn.fi/URN:ISBN:978-952-476-945-7