Updated 29.11.2022 | 08:11

Dissertation: Juha-Pekka Mäkipää (Computer Science)

Fri 9.12.2022 | 12:00 - 15:00

University of Vaasa, Tervahovi, Auditorium Wolff & online
Wolffintie 32
65200 Vaasa

The public examination of M.Sc. Juho-Pekka Mäkipää’s doctoral dissertation ”Towards Design Theory for Accessible IT Artefacts” will be held on Friday 9.12.2022 at 12 at the University of Vaasa, auditorium Wolff.

Docent Sari Kujala (Aalto University) will act as the opponent and Professor Tero Vartiainen as custos. The defence will be held in Finnish.

The public display “nailing” will be held on Tuesday 29 November 2022 at 10.00 (Tervahovi). After that, the dissertation is available online in the Osuva publications archive.