Updated 7.10.2020 | 23:10

Dissertation: Hilpi Kangas (Management)

Fri 23.10.2020 | 12:00 - 15:00

Online Public Defence using Zoom

The public examination of M.Sc. Hilpi Kangas’s doctoral dissertation ”Contextualizing leadership. An examination of Leader-Member Exchange relationships in the challenging contexts of a new leader, negative events and globalized work” will be held on Friday 23 October at noon.

The public examination will be organized online: https://uwasa.zoom.us/j/63279443195?pwd=WWYzZWVsVjJ4U2RVZVUxK2dTY0hTQT09 Password: 077518

The field of dissertation is Management.

Professor Taina Savolainen (University of Eastern Finland) will act as opponent and Professor Liisa Mäkelä as custos. The examination will be held in Finnish.

The dissertation is available online in Osuva publications archive starting 13 October 2020: