Updated 23.5.2022 | 15:05

AI Ethics Panel Discussion: What will loneliness mean in the age of AI?

Wed 25.5.2022 | 14:00 - 15:00

University of Vaasa, VME Lab in Technobothnia & online
Puuvillakuja 3
65200 Vaasa


AI Ethics Panel Discussion

The theme of this panel discussion is: What does loneliness mean in the age of AI? Questions that will form the basis of our discussion are:

⚆Are practical, step-by-step approaches and translations apt for the development of ‘ethical AI systems’?
⚆Could analyzing problems from human experiential perspectives help us get to the root of concerns regarding AI Ethics?

Panelists are Aku Visala, Jaana Hallamaa, Paul Haimes, Thomas Olsson and Ville Vakkuri.

Register to take part ➡️ AI Ethics Panel Discussion. Sign up by Monday 23. May, 2022.  This is a hybrid event.

AI Ethics Panel Discussion webpage 

The event is organised by VME Interaction Design Environment (University of Vaasa).