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Vierailuluento: Laurie Anderson, University of Arizona - Hoping for Hope: Gnarly issues in Transformative Service Research

Ma 1.10.2018 | 10:15 - 11:45

Associate professor Laurie Anderson from the WP Carey School of Business, Arizona State University will give a guest lecture at the University of Vaasa. Her lecture is labelled "Hoping for Hope: Gnarly issues in Transformative Service Research".

The lecture is held in the auditorium Kurtén, Tervahovi, University of Vaasa on Monday, 1st of October at 10:15-11:45.

Transformative Service Research focuses on service research that creates uplifting changes and improvements in the well-being of individuals (consumers and employees), communities, societies and sustainable ecosystems.” (Anderson et al. 2014).  But there are some complex, gnarly issues that must be addressed in order for our research to truly have impact. A multidisciplinary approach is paramount. Technology, public and government policy, sustainability, community development, human resources, marketing and organizational decisions (among others) all play a part in addressing these gnarly issues.

Laurie Anderson’s research centers on Transformative Service Research and consumer well-being, especially related to social justice, vulnerability, culture and health. Recent projects include alternative views of services and TSR, value-laden services, community action research, space as public good, going between cultural worlds, self-socialization of teens, health organizations and consumer-centricity.

Anderson's host at the University of Vaasa is Catharina von Koskull, associate professor in marketing. She recently came back from the University of Arizona, where she conducted research as a visiting scholar with the Fulbright scholarship.