VEBIC seminar: Fresh insights from young researchers

Wednesday May 22th of May 2019,

9.30-12.00 Tritonia library, Auditorium Nissi, University of Vaasa

Please, sign up for the seminar (for coffee), latest 20.5:

Fresh insight from young researchers

Özdenkci Karhan – Department of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering (Aalto University)
-Sustainable biomass conversion

Mahmoud Elsanhoury – School of Technology and innovations, Energy Technology “Artificial Intelligence Application in smart grids for fault detection and prediction

Chethan Parthasarathy – School of Technology and Innovations, Electrical Engineering “Data-based Optimization of Hybrid Microgrids (HMG): Development of accurate energy storage sizing, modelling & optimization of diligent power sharing methods leading to efficient operation of HMG systems

Nebiyu Girgibo – School of Technology and Innovations, Energy Technology “Sea side energy solutions, land rising and climate change in UNESCO World Inheritance protected Area: A mixed-method Investigation

Oskar Juszczyk – School of Technology and Innovations, Industrial Management “Green (renewable) energy implementation in Finland and Poland”

Maria Pajuoja – School of Management, Human Resources Management “Let´s innovative more: The use of HR practices in Inducing Innovative Work Behavior

Ahm Shamsuzzoha - School of Technology and Innovations, Production “Modular product development for mass customization


The event is open for everybody interested in research in the Energy field and is part of EU-funded project: Cornerstones for VEBIC Innovation Platform (VIP).