Päivitetty 15.3.2022 | 10:03

Vaasan yliopiston tutkimusta näyttelyssä taidehallilla - The Research Exhibition of Energy

Ti 22.3.2022 | 16:00 - 18:00

Vaasan taidehalli
Senaatinkatu 1 (Kaupungintalon takana)
65100 Vaasa

Mikä on uusinta energiaan liittyvää akateemista tutkimusta Vaasan seudulla? Ota selvää Energian tutkimusnäyttelyssä! Tervetuloa tapaamaan tutkijoitamme Vaasan taidehalliin ja keskustelemaan tarkemmin esimerkiksi alla olevista aiheista. Näyttely on kävijöille maksuton, ja sen tarjoavat Vaasan yliopiston tutkimusalustat InnoLab, Digital Economy ja VEBIC. Tervetuloa!

  • Machine Learning and Positioning Technology for Decommissioning of Energy Asset
  • Assessment of Boreal Forest Structure at Multiple Spatial Scales for Inferring Biodiversity Classes
  • Biogas Utilization Opportunities in Ostrobothnia Region
  • Development of a Hydrogen Fuel System for a Marine Test Engine
  • Towards Ultra-efficient Large-bore RCCI Marine Engine
  • Seaside Energy Solutions, Result in Land Uplift and Climate Change in Kvarken, Archipelago UNESCO World Heritage Protected Area: A Mixed-method Investigation
  • Power Electronic Solutions to Enhance PV Hosting Capacity – Project SolarX
  • 5G Edge Computing for Smart Grid Protection and Control
  • Cybersecurity and Resilience of Digital Energy
  • Towards Fully Predictive Engine Modelling in Clean Propulsion Technologies
  • Responsible Research and Innovation Policy Experimentations for Energy Transition (RIPEET)
  • Short Term Wind Energy Forecasting for Spot Markets
  • Innovative Business Model for Enhanced Solar PV Adoption: Transforming Customer Interaction and Engagement Practices
  • Competences Identified for Circular Economy
  • The Contribution of Residential Customers Towards Flexible Electrical Networks
  • Greener Innovation for a Sustainable Economy Systems
  • Integrated and Replicable Solutionsfor Co-creation in Sustainable Cities (IRIS)
  • Open Innovation – Research Translation and Applied Knowledge Exchange in Practice through University-Industry-Cooperation (OpenInnoTrain)
  • Resilient Digital Sustainable Energy Transition (REDISET)