Renewable Efficient Energy V Conference (REE V) is an excellent forum to meet experts in the international field of renewable energy, distributed energy production and energy technology. REE V is arranged by Vaasa Energy Institute ( Themes for the 2015 event are Wind & Solar (Tuesday) and Energy Gases (Wednesday). The presentations will be held in English.

REE V is arranged within the fourth international Vaasa EnergyWeek that will bring together more than 2,500 energy professionals and decision-makers to Vaasa 16-20 March 2015. Official pages can be found from


The first day of REE V deals with topics related to wind & solar and power management. According to the Finnish energy roadmap, the future energy markets will in many scenarios be increasingly based on renewable energy sources. The growing amount of renewables will create, both from the technical and economical point of view, new possibilities and challenges for the power management. Wind and solar power, which constitute an important part of the renewable energy portfolio, are inherently intermittent demanding more attention to the energy balancing and production estimates. The other countries are facing or are already faced with the same situation.

The topics of the first conference day deal with the power management issues related to modern technical solutions and how to handle the production balance on the electricity market in an efficient way. During the day the selected topics will deal with current and future methods for power management from both photovoltaics and wind power perspective and thus support the increasing implementation of renewables in Finland.

The development of more intelligent power grid components and improved telecommunication for more accurate power production control is also addressed. The seminar provides plenty of interesting information for all players in the fields of energy production, marketing, financing, transmission and distribution.

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The second day of REE V deals with topics related to energy gases. Energy gas is the collective term for e.g. biogas, natural gas and hydrogen. They have a wide range of applications and can replace conventional fossil fuel in industry and power generation as well as in shipping and road traffic. By increasing both knowledge and the use of gas in energy production and transportation, it is possible to strengthen competitiveness and reduce the environmental impact.

The seminar is divided into three parts, all providing useful information for companies in the field as well as for researchers and politicians. Gas in various forms has for a long time been an important part of the energy sector and almost any forecast made nowadays points out that its importance will continue to increase. New reception terminals for LNG are being planned as well as a gas pipeline to the Baltic States.

The first part of the seminar will focus on the European gas market and the use of methane gas in maritime transports. Since biogas is a renewable form of methane gas another part will focus on biogas production. The seminar will end with a part on the current situation of biogas in Finland and its development with a focus on distribution of bio methane gas within road transportation.

The global interest in energy gases makes this event an excellent opportunity for actors within this field to find new partners for future collaborations. An efficient exchange of knowledge between companies, universities and society serves their mutual interests. In the long term we can hope that benefits of cooperation will be seen in both society and environment.

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The presentations will be held in English.


Participation fee (early registration until 7 March) for both conference days is 279 € (+VAT), and for one conference day 179 € (+VAT). Participation fee after 7 March for both conference days is  319 € (+VAT), and for one conference day 219 € (+VAT). The price includes lunch and coffee. The price does NOT include evening programme on Tuesday.


Registration is now open! You can register and find more information about REE V from If you have any enquiries you can contact Teemu Närvä ( / +358 (0)400 817 006) for further information.

Registration and fees for the personnel, please see the intranet.