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Doctoral student, are you looking for work?

To 26.1.2017 | 12:15 - 16:00

In the future the majority of the graduated doctors are having their career outside the academia. What do the companies expect from the PhD’s? What kind of possibilities does the PoDoCo -programme offer? How the TOHTOS -project is developing the working life relevance of doctoral training?  Join us and find out!

Time: 26.1.2017 Thursday at 12.15–16.00
Place: Fabriikki building, F141

The event is also available via Adobe Connect. Link to stream and presentation ppts are sent to remote participants via email.

Please register to the event: https://eforms.uwasa.fi/lomakkeet/4534/lomake.html



12.15                    Opening of the seminar: Vice-rector Jukka Vesalainen, University of Vaasa

12.30–14.00        What do the companies expect from the doctor when hiring a research oriented expert?

HR Manager Markku Rautonen, Wärtsilä Finland

Director, Technology Development Stefan Strandberg, Danfoss

Q&A and a short break

14.15–15.15          Career possibilities in the industry by Post Docs in Companies –programme

Jouni Lounasmaa, KAUTE Foundation

PhD Jonathan Fagerström


15.15–15.30         Developing the Working Life Relevance of Doctoral Training, introduction to TOHTOS project, vice-director, Research Services and Graduate School Virpi Juppo, University of Vaasa

15.30–16.00        Coffee and networking

Event is arranged by the Graduate School of the University of Vaasa and TOHTOS project.