Lilly Kamoet

Lilly Kamoet feels supported by the University and likes the diverse learning and social opportunities offered for students.

It is quite nerve racking leaving what you know to be familiar and comfortable in pursuit of one’s passion. This was the case for me when I decided to pursue my master’s in finance at the University of Vaasa. The decision to pursue my studies was further solidified after carrying out a thorough online research about the finance program. The university offers numerous broad selections of diverse learning and social opportunities that mould students to not only fit in the business world but also in society.

There are a variety of courses to choose from the field of finance but there was always guidance provided by the university to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the choices. The overall virtual learning experience at the university due to the pandemic, granted being new to me, did not dull the learning experience either. There was always active interaction with other students and access to the professors and resources whenever need be. The group assignments gave me an opportunity to interact and might I say make friends with other students from diverse backgrounds as well. The interaction and discussions with other students enabled me to embrace, understand and appreciate the different ways of thinking and cultures.

The library also being close to the sea offers a calm and peaceful atmosphere for a quiet study time. The city of Vaasa has ample walking, cycling paths and  nature trails that I often go to with my friends to relax and unwind. It has been one year already at the University and so far, I am truly grateful for my time here and looking forward to the second year. I would confidently recommend the University of Vaasa to anyone wishing to pursue their graduate studies.

Lilly Kamoet
Päivitetty 21.06.2021 - 15:53