Muhammad Shafiq


Tekniikan ja innovaatiojohtamisen yksikkö, Sähkötekniikka
Yliopistonranta 10, 65200 Vaasa
Fabriikki Shafiq F468

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Dr. Shafiq's area of research expertise is power systems and high voltage engineering. His studies, research, and work has proceeded with the approach such as; electrical design of components, testing, instrumentation and measurements, data analysis, and signal processing, with hands-on experience of working in conceptual, simulation, and practical environments.

Working with Smart Electric Systems (SES) research group at University of Vaasa, his current research projects are about online condition monitoring of developing power grids. The project addresses mainly

-  Design of partial discharge measurement sensors

- Insulation fault monitoring and diagnostics in power system components

- Study of impact of smart-grid operation on the insulation system of MV transformers and underground cables

-  Development of integrated condition monitoring model for MV distribution networks.

Dr. Shafiq has authored/coauthored several high ranked international journal and conference publications.



A. Journal publications

[1] M. Shafiq, I. Kiitam, K. Kauhaniemi, P. Taklaja, L. Kütt, I. Palu, "Performance Comparison of PD Data Acquisition Techniques for Condition Monitoring of Medium Voltage Cables", Electrical Power and Energy System section, Energies journal, 13(16), 4272, 2020.

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B. Conference publications

[1] M. Shafiq, I. Kiitam, P. Taklaja, A.Hussain, L. Kütt, K. Kauhaniemi, Characterization of corona and internal partial discharge under increasing electrical stress using time domain analysis'' IEEE Electrical Insulation Conference (EIC), USA, 2020.

[2] Shafiq, M., et al. "Electromagnetic Sensors for Online Condition Monitoring of Medium Voltage Cables." Sensor and Measurement Science International (SMSI- 2020), 315-316, Germany, 2020.

[3] H. Kumar, M. Shafiq, G. Amjad, L. Kumpulainen, K. Kauhaniemi, ''Classification of PD Faults Using Features Extraction and K-Means Clustering Techniques'', IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Europe (ISGT-Europe), Netherlands, 2020.

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