Tuomas Huikkola, Assistant Professor

Tuomas Huikkola, Assistant Professor


  • Assistant Professor at the School of Management, University of Vaasa
  • PhD in Economics

Tuomas Huikkola obtained his PhD in Management from the University of Vaasa in 2017. He has been active in research projects related to firm’s strategic renewal processes, particularly in technology industry.

Previous experience

  • Business consulting
  • Sales development

Teaching interests

Assistant Professor Huikkola’s teaching interests include both theoretical perspectives and case studies in business strategy, business development, and servitization.

“In Strategic Business Development program, we aim to integrate theory and practice in a manner that facilitates student’s understanding of complexity related to strategic decisions”

In order to be successful in tomorrow’s ever-changing business environment, our Master Program’s target is to train practically thinking managers and business professionals that are able to renew strategies, processes, business models, and organizations across industries.

Research Expertise

  • Firm’s renewal through resource reconfigurations
  • Digital servitization
  • Business strategies & business models
  • Firm’s strategic, dynamic, and relational capabilities

Tuomas Huikkola’s special interest is in industrial services and the strategy work of growth-seeking companies. He has published in a number of journals, including Industrial Marketing Management, Research-Technology Management, and Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing.