Scholarships and grants

Several different parties award scholarships and grants to students, for example, to prepare a thesis. Students apply for these themselves.

Scholarships of Vaasa University Foundation for theses

Vaasa University Foundation supports the development of the University of Vaasa and the scientific research and teaching carried out within it. Students who do their master's thesis for a company have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship from Vaasa University Foundation. You should apply for the scholarship as early as possible. Applications submitted after graduation will not be considered.

Scholarships of the Student Union of the University of Vaasa for academic success

The Student Union of the University of Vaasa awards Maija Niinioja scholarships to successful students. The application period is November–December each year. The scholarships are awarded in February in connection with the Student Union anniversary ball.

Other scholarships and grants

Many other foundations, clubs, etc. also award grants and scholarships to students, for example, to do a thesis.

The National Union of University Students in Finland (Suomen ylioppilaskuntien liitto SYL) maintains a Grants database on grants and scholarships.